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Bacon Roll Morning Success! - 26/01/2018


30 packs of bacon, 24 baguettes all gone - and we were sold out by 8.30am!

Thank you to everybody who came down to grab their bacon roll and watch the demo on Walther Strong's Liquid Tape and Strong Clean Room Construction Tape! Thank you for your support!

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Wessex Demo Morning - 19/01/2018

Have one more reason to look forward to Friday - with our demo morning at Wessex Fixings!

Come down and visit us on Friday 26th January at 7-10am to grab yourself a free bacon roll! Kick start your weekend with Wessex and join us for a free demo morning of Liquid Tape! 

Find Out More About Liquid Tape

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Expanding Foam... Fire Rated or Not? - 08/09/2017

What is B2 Fire Rating?

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Installing Metal Stud - 06/06/2017

Metal studs come in similar dimensions to timber. The system consists of two main components: the track and the stud. The studs come as C-Stud and I-Stud, from 50-146mm with standard track and deep track to suit.  Stud lengths start at 2,400mm and go up to 8,000mm.

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Crossrail Construction - Road Safety with Wessex - 05/04/2017


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#wfdodge tour... Wessex in London! - 03/03/2017

Coming to a site near you! #wfdodge tour round London…

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Heras Panels Back in Stock! - 24/02/2017

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Fire Extinguishers: When to Use Water, CO2 and Powder - 22/02/2017

Here at Wessex Fixings, we have a huge variety of products in stock that are needed within the workplace – and some of the items that we stock are fire extinguishers. These Health and Safety must-haves are not only important, but if and when the time comes to use them, they can even be responsible for saving lives.

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It's Valentine's Day... - 14/02/2017

It's Valentine's Day...!

And you know what that means; a romantic dinner for two, candles... and don't forget the wine!

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Wood or Metal? Stud Walling with Metal stud & Track - 27/01/2017

When it comes to stud material for building interior walls, there are two distinct options available in the industry: wood or metal. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. This page offers an analysis of the pros and cons of each material; it refers to the light gauge metal framing that is widely available, designed specifically for partition walls. It has no structural strength and cannot be used for supporting walls.

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